Friday, March 20, 2009

The Yellow Dog

A yellow dog wandered in a couple of days ago. He is a stranger. We don’t know anything about him except that he is friendly and wants a home. He is a good dog.

In this country we get dogs like this one on a regular basis. We suspect that previous owners just bring them out in the country and let them out. What they think will happen to them I can’t fathom. I guess out of sight is out of mind. If I allow myself to think about someone who would do that I have to admit that I harbor some very uncharitable thoughts.

This dog appears to be a purebred yellow lab. He would be a good family dog, well mannered and loves affection. He is a male. So, the question is: what to do with him?

Some friends were here a couple of days ago. They said that they would take the dog back with them to Kansas City. Said they would either keep him or find a home for him. But they had to leave in the morning and the stray dog and our dog Ike (who wandered in a few years ago) were off on a foray out in the woods. So, the friends left and, of course, the dogs returned about an hour later.

So here the dog has been for the past couple of days, doing his best to ingratiate himself with Kathy and me. We have one more idea about how to get him to Kansas City. Hope it works out.
Meanwhile, we have treated him for ticks and for worms. And, you can rest assured that he will be taken care of. Somehow.

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