Monday, March 16, 2009

What is the deal with blogging?

I am not sure I get blogging. I mean, we have talk radio, talking heads, NPR, CNN and lotsa jive magazines. Why do we need more of this?

My best guess is that a blog allows us to look at someone's unique slant on life; something authentic about a fellow human being. I am really turned off by blogs that just give opinion about things (politics, morality, religion, etc) We have far too much of that crap already.

A couple of blogs that I was exposed to rather accidently started me thinking that this wasn't such a self-indulgent thing to do afterall. One is a website that my daughter regularly visits. Her blog is integrated into a really interesting website. If you take some time to delve into here site it will become apparent that this gal is superwoman. She is a city gal turned ranch wife who photographs, writes, cooks, homeschools and does a fab job.

Then there was a blog from a gal who lives in her van and makes a living as a stripper. And, maybe she turns a trick or two. Sounds kinda trashy, right? Actually it is interesting because this gal is so articulate and so honest. Again it is a priviledged look into someone's uniqueness.

Ok, I just connected to the hobo stripper to check the link. Well, there are a couple of photos on there that border on smut. Use your own jugdment. She is a stripper, whadaya expect!

These are only a couple of examples from a guy that does not look for blogs to follow. Bet you have others. Let me (us) here about them.

I want have a photo today, so here is one that has nothing to do with ranching, stripping, or blogging.

The Hired Man


  1. My brother says he can't comment on this blog for some reason. So, this is a test.

  2. Under where is says, "post a comment" if you you click the "subscribe" button then it will work.

  3. Love it Dad! Thanks for plugging my Pioneer Woman! She is superwoman!

  4. Where's the photo? I wanted a photo of the fog Tuesday morning.


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