Monday, May 21, 2012

Spring Critters @ Rock Eddy Bluff

Some just live in the woods close by and try to avoid us where possible.  Others, notably the birds and squirrels, are on a welfare program that doles out needed commodities on the deck looking out over the river.  But we love them -- all of them, and this spring it seems that we have seen more than our share.
     We keep a camera at the ready, so here are a few shots we have taken in recent days.

On the river beneath us we have had geese nesting.   They are quite vocal during nesting time.  Just above them in a large sycamore tree on the long island that separates the river from the slough, we have had nesting blue herons that spring.

The little fella above nudged my leg as if I were his mama and he was wanting a meal.  Don't worry, Momma go them all back together after I trudged away.  

The eagles are another matter.  They are around here, as we see them flying out over the bluff.   But their old nest is gone and we cannot discover the new one.  This breeding pair of eagles has been here for more than 25 years.  They have built three nests, all within view of each other on the banks of rock eddy.  As the nest grows ever larger, if finally breaks out of the tree and they must begin construction of a new nest.   We simply can't discover their forth nest, but it is not far.
The rains appear to be over for a while,  the river is down to normal levels and recent nights have been gentle with owls calling. 
     If you are planning to come any time soon, check our reservation calendar.  Call or email if you have questions.   573-759-6081