Sunday, June 26, 2011

China Comes to Rock Eddy Bluff Farm

A wonderful couple departed today. We were entranced by them. We could not talk to her as her English is quite rudimentary. However she had a pocket translator and she and Kathy held a prolonged conversation by passing the translator back and forth. She wrote a comment in our guest book in Chinese characters, then used the translator to convert into English. Here is the translation:

"I arrive at here with my husband today. When me go under sedan. Look around all around. Very surprised very beautiful. That feeling. It is a besides lifetime peach garden. In a fairy tale to say. Melt at one body with nature. At last enthusiasm. I and husband appreciated woman host very much receive." Wei Wei

Her husband, an American, told us that she has been in the USA only 30 days. But, he says, "By tomorrow evening Rock Eddy Will be known in the whole southern part of China.

Our guests keep us interested in the world. Thanks Steve and Wei Wei!


  1. I think she captured your place perfectly. Amazing.

  2. Hired Man and Woman,
    How very cool! Brings a tear to my eye.
    Love ya,
    Innkeeper Sue


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