Monday, March 28, 2011

A Spring Surprise

The weather report says to expect warm, sunny weather for the coming weekend. But Monday morning we awoke to a wondrous early spring snow that clings to every limb and twig in the woods. It is a lacework of snow covering the hills beyond the bluff.

In the cabins, guest are snug and warm and being treated to a memorable scene outside their door. There are pets in both cabins that no doubt enjoy scampering and dancing in the fluffy whiteness. Kathy and I and our pups actually envy them.

Our friends in Aunt Phoebe's Cabin tell us that the Farmer's Almanac has predicted every snow storm that has occurred in this snow-filled winter. They say it has been a perfect record for the Almanac for the Columbia, Missouri location. I suppress my natural cynicism and say, "That so?"

Well, we are past the vernal equinox, so this must be spring. Once this snow melts, I say "Let's get on with it." Under todays snow the daffodils along our lane are wildly in bloom. Service berry and redbud have begun blooming in the woods. On milder days the spring peepers grow hoarse from calling.

Warmer and bright on the weekend is the prediction. . That will mean a healthy dose of both winter and spring in the span of a few days. Typical Missouri weather!

A recent guest at Aunt Phoebe's log cabin sent these photos. There are clues to spring in each photo.

Right now I have to put another log on the fire.

The Hired Man


  1. And they say we can get another 5 inches Tuesday evening here in Jefferson City?!?!? I thought it was spring?

  2. You do have us down for the last weekend in May, correct? I just want to be sure!!

  3. It was mostly all gone by noon. Twas really an amazing quick transformation of the landscape.


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