Monday, June 15, 2009

Things turned old fashion this morning

We lost one hundred years in an instant this morning. Yes, we had another bit of bad weather and it changed things instantly.

It all started with another of our signature toad stranglers. That is one hell of a hard rain, for those who ain’t from the hills. That storm caused an unexplained loss of power. (We don’t know where the problem is but this happens with some frequency here.) So all morning things were dark and wet, and the rain came in buckets full.
Right now I have the generator running. We need that to provide power for our well pump so that we can get water. Otherwise we are pretty well prepared for power losses, but we can’t do without water for very long. So, while I have the generator on I flipped on another circuit and I have line power to this computer. We are sitting pretty except that there is another problem.

We are surrounded here by creeks with low water crossings and simple concrete fords. When the creeks are up we are stranded, and that is our condition this morning. We can stand a pretty fair rain before our final avenue of escape becomes closed to us. That is the low water bridge on highway E about two miles from the house. Here is a picture taken this morning.

Things have changed here in the country. We used to have hard rains but there was nothing like the frequency that now exists. These rains come so hard that they wash out roads, spill over ditches and play havoc with things in general.
What is the reason for the change in the weather. Perhaps it is a shift in weather patterns in general. I hesitate to mention global warming because that brings the ire of locals who hold that the whole thing is just another liberal plot to take over more of the world.
The theory held by weather scientists is that along with warmer average global temperatures events in local regions will become more erratic. They say that almost any weather event will be more dramatic. Erratic, emphatic and dramatic. Apparently there is good evidence for that since the vast majority of scientists hold this view.

You all have a good day, and think of us hillbillies living like we did before we got electric down here in the woods.

The Hired Man and Missus stuck at home in the dark.


  1. My father in law down in southern Illinois, not a scientist, not much of a reader, even, doesn't keep up with the news--anyway, he has remarked several times that things have changed. Deer patterns. Geese patterns. How the rivers work compared to when he was a boy, or even 20 years ago.

    And he doesn't use words like global warming--not in his vocabulary, really--but he knows it's changed. We all know it's changed.

  2. Hi Tom and Kathy,
    We had a lot of rain this am also, but not like you!
    Kathy looks thrilled to be posing with the flood water for your blog Tom. The women must love ya. Get the ark out the garage and start rounding up the local wildlife.

    Ashok and Julie

  3. We are back in synch with the universe again -- we have our electricity back. But they expect big rains again tonight. The river is bank full.

  4. Thank goodness you live on the bluff.


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