Contrasts in Luxury

I am logging in from Chicago, where I am comfortably ensconced in the Sofitel on E. Chestnut. I recommend it highly. It is a stark contrast to last weekend in the amenities offered but not in the luxury it offers the mind and body. Last weekend, we spent several nights in the Line Camp cabin on Rock Eddy Farm. Not only does it not have room service, a flat screen television, and turn down service, it does not have running water, electricity, or centralized heat. There is an outhouse, a hand pump outside for water, and a wood stove for heat, though. So where is the contrasting luxury you may wonder.

Let us compare.

First, the Sofitel is some 32 floors tall and made of much glass and steel.

It has a number of excellent restaurants and bars to accompany its very modern appearance

Line Camp cabin, by contrast, is one floor and one room only. Though to be fair, our room in the Sofitel is one room only, too, but with an additional bathroom.

In the foreground, just to the left of the window is a wooden box with an upside down bucket “suspended” over it. The bucket covers the hand-pump, which is the water source. And off to the left, half out of the photograph is the outhouse.

The views are not comparable from the two, either.

The Hancock Tower in morning light from our room:

Late evening snow from the front porch of Line Camp cabin:

And a short walk from the porch is the Gasconnade River. After the previous evening’s snow it made for a nice bit of quiet solitude:

And what of the amenities they each offer? A very wonderful shower with limitless hot water in the Sofitel and a bucket bath in Line Camp. Hmm. Again, each has much to offer. The first is a great refuge from the mind cluttering assault of city and people (especially when you are locked into a conference). But the latter is wonderful in its own right, to be cleaned of the grime from basic living and then to wrap yourself in fresh clean clothes is a great pleasure in itself. They are both rejuvenating. No need for graphic evidence.

The food prospects are an interesting contrast, too.

Breakfast in the Sofitel: fresh papaya and coffee:

Breakfast in Line Camp: home fries and coffee (there were eggs, too, just not at this moment):

I can’t decide. Maybe a closer comparison?

They are both excellent, like each of the accommodations. They offer their own forms of comfort, which are very nice so long as you are in a state of mind that is ready to appreciate the strengths of each: urban splender and business in the former and calm, uncluttered quiet in the latter.

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  1. Peg says:

    Line Camp Cabin will always be my favorite spot to getaway. I hope you get to go again sometimes in late spring or fall. Each season offers so much change that it’s like an entirely new place. I’m very jealous of your trip.